vet yourself with 360 feedback

for self-improvement and job applications

use digmybrand to hear candid thoughts from your friends, classmates, professors, colleagues, managers, clients on your creativity, organization, people skills and other attributes critical to your career.

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how does feedback work

360 reviews on digmybrand consist of four key sections to be filled out by reviewers


how the reviewer knows you sets context to the feedback. eg: manager, professor etc.

6 core attributes

your knowledge, character, drive, people, planning and communication skills


review of skills and values relevant to your career defined by you


optional anonymous anecdotes to add depth to the individual review

review our resident rapper to understand the steps first hand. you just can't save it 'cause you are not friends with him!

how long does the whole review take

click, click, click - a simple, fast and direct survey that takes no more than 5-10 minutes

how can reviewers be candid

feedback is by secret ballot so reviewers can cast their vote just like in the elections

our privacy settings will give you complete control over your profile
you can invite reviewers individually or allow anyone in your network to review you

so what does the feedback look like

aggregate feedback with the identity of the reviewers revealed in batches of 5 to protect the anonymity of the responses

discover your core strengths and growth potential from people who know you best

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© dmb360 Analytics 2013 all rights

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